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A complete body workout that

    • builds core strength
    • improves posture & tone
    • guarantees enhanced fitness

using kettle-bells & boxing drills

What is Kettle-Boxing?

1Kettle-Boxing is composed of two elements, combining kettlebell training and boxing drills.

Kettlebells are canon-ball shaped weights with handles, loosely resembling the form of a kettle. Through specific exercises involving swinging motions along with a host of other moves, the kettlebell is a fantastic tool to quickly improve fitness and strength.

The concept was initially developed in Russia and has been with us since the early 1700s. The boxing component of the course involves high intensity calorie-burning cardio workouts.

Why do Kettle-Boxing?

Kettle-Boxing promises a complete body workout with just a kettlebell and boxing pads. Through kettlebells, you’ll build core strength, your posture will improve, and you will become leaner and fitter in a short period of time. Each of these elements will be further enhanced through the boxing drills, promising you a new level of guaranteed fitness.
The improved fitness and strength acquired through the course will ensure that daily activities become less strenuous.
In fact, a study in the Journal of Body Workout and Movement Therapies (Liebenson, 2011) stated that, ‘Kettlebell exercises are ideal for functional training that mirrors the many challenges one faces in day to day activities.’
Another study noted that, ‘many individuals credit kettlebell swings with restoring and enhancing back health and function,’ (McGill and Marshall, 2012).

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