TKD Programmes


Taekwon-Do Kubz is a wonderful world where children learn Taekwon-Do moves through exciting drills and games. However, the programme will also equip each student with life-enhancing skill-sets from communication (helping them make friends and learn faster) to keeping them safe from everyday hazards as well as dealing with difficult situations from both children and adults alike, thus giving our Kubz the best possible start in life.

In essence, we will help inspire your children to achieve all you want for them.

The programme links the two most important areas/people in your child’s life – home and school. Firstly, we will support those who matter most in our Kubz lives, Parents/Carers, with special communication and home drills, designed to inspire great behaviour and monitor and reward all progress. Secondly, by teaching our Kubz that ‘school is Kool’, Taekwon-Do Kubz understand that their teachers are on their side and the importance of listening and learning.

Kubz are rewarded weekly for effort and attitude by receiving stickers and stamps in their dedicated Kubz Manual and through special Gradings during the year where Kubz receive certificates, badges, and belt-stripes for their Taekwon-Do suits.

Students are welcome to join at any time of the year.


The Juniors programme teaches Taekwon-Do to children from 7 to 12 years of age. While discipline is a major element in the course, classes are designed to cultivate physical and intellectual attributes, inspiring self-confidence, respect for others, enhanced concentration, as well as increased fitness and self-defence.

Juniors will make the journey to Black Belt through a dedicated Grading system where they will be examined for pattern work, self-defence, sparring drills, fitness level and theory of Taekwon-Do.

A recent study concerning the effects of Taekwon-Do training on students (aged 11-14 years) revealed an overall improvement in students in terms of self-control and physical fitness. Training in Taekwon-Do was also shown to improve cognitive function (Lakes et al., 2013).

Students are welcome to join any time of the year.

Adults and Teens

The Adults and Teens programme teaches Taekwon-Do to students from 13 years of age and above. You can join Taekwon-Do at any age and at any time of the year.

The benefits of Taekwon-Do are multiple enhancing both mental and physical attributes, a fact supported scientifically.

A recent study revealed that Taekwon-Do training may impart benefits in aerobic capacity, body composition and flexibility and hence may be recommended by physiotherapists or fitness instructors as a suitable form of exercise promoting aerobic fitness and flexibility (Fong and Ng, 2011).

In addition, a study of college-aged students revealed that Taekwon-Do training induces positive changes to mood in terms of Tension, Depression, Anger, Fatigue, Confusion and Vigor compared to the control group (Toskovic, 2001). These positive benefits were observed across both male and female participants.


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